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Service on this Site is offered according to the following terms, stipulations and notifications as detailed below (hereinafter: "terms"). Please read these terms carefully, as the commencement of use of this Site and its content, including its services, attests to your agreement and approval of these terms of use.
If you disagree with all or any of the terms of use, you may not make any use of this Site. The following is intended for both men and women alike.
The term "user" refers to any person and/or organization and/or institution and/or any other legal entity and/or any person who on their behalf contacts the Site or enters the Site, thus expressing approval and consent to the following terms (hereinafter: "the user"). The term "the Site" includes the owner of the Site and/or his representative and/or any other person working on his behalf (hereinafter: "the Site).

The following refers to the content of the Site today, or in the future, if in the ownership of the Site, or if in the ownership of a third party, who allows the use of the Site.
To be noted that the terms mentioned in the following "terms of use" complement each other.

This service is offered as is, and the user alone is responsible for all and any individual use of this Site.
The Site explicitly denies any liability, and all liability is solely on the user. Without detracting from the generality of the above, liability on the user derives from general use, and any outcome of use of the Site and adaptation of services to the user's needs. In addition, the Site will not carry any liability, including any errors in the content of the Site. In the case that any contradiction or discrepancy is found between the content of the Site and any other material elsewhere and/or by any other means, and/or discrepancy and/or contradiction in any tune and/or voice and/or any inaccuracy, the sole liability is entirely on the user. All content that is present and/or appearing and/or advertised and/or presumed from the above information, is presented as a public service and will not serve as grounds for any legal claims. Without detracting from the determined terms of use, the use of the data that appears on this Site and/or all that derives and/or is inferred from it is the sole liability of the user. The Site is not liable for and will not carry any losses, including any errors and/or discrepancies and/or sorrow and/or insult, and/or damage and/or discomfort and/or consequences, and/or losses that are caused to the user from any use of this Site.

Without detracting from the generality of the above, the Site is not liable for any changes made in the material presented by the Site, the user or any third party and/or other. Also, the Site is not liable for any content found on the Site and any end-use means where it is found, its content, credibility, preciseness, reliability, and its possible influence on the surfers' computers; and any damage of any type, discomfort, discrepancy, harm, loss, sorrow, and any direct or indirect influences caused to you, your property or any third party, due to a use of these contents. Therefore, use of the contents presented on the Site, and the end-use means and services of the Site, are your sole and full responsibility. The Site will not carry liability for interruptions or disturbances and/or will not be liable for damage, breakdown, faults, or failures in the hardware, software or communication lines of the Site or its suppliers, or damage from any other cause. The Site will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, sorrow, etc., caused to you or your property, and your only and sole release will be to discontinue use of the Site. The Site is entitled to close the Site from time to time in order to change its structure, appearance, availability of services and content offered on the Site, without the need to notify in advance. As the nature of such changes might cause certain faults to occur, to be noted that the Site will not accept any legal claims or arguments regarding this matter. The Site is entitled to terminate your use of the Site at any time without any predetermined terms or prior notification, or if you do not comply with these terms of use.
As a requisite for the use of this Site you are obliged to use the Site only in a legally accepted manner and according to the terms mentioned above and below.
You are required to compensate the Site, its workers, directors or any representatives, in case of any damage, loss of income, payment or expense caused to them - this including lawyers' and court fees - for a violation of these terms of use. The information, software, or any other material included in this Site might contain inaccuracies, including typos, spelling mistakes, emphases and tunes, and the software items that appear on this Site are not intended to be specific educational material. The Site, therefore, suggests using the advertising material and various end-use means with great caution, especially regarding material supplied by the various readers.
Remember: the Site is not responsible for the content and direct or indirect consequences that might affect you or any third party if you choose to use these contents. You have full and sole responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

The Site is not responsible for the content of advertisements appearing on the Site. The appearance of advertisements on the Site is not intended as a recommendation and/or preference and/or approval and/or suggestion of the Site to purchase the products or services offered.
Any deal that is conducted as a result of an advertisement that appeared on the Site will be agreed directly and solely between the user and the advertiser. The Site is not a party to this deal, and will not accept any liability for services and/or products that were offered and/or purchased through an advertisement on the Site. The content of advertising is the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

Without detracting from the generality of the above, this Site includes for your convenience links to other Internet sites that are run by other agents. The following instructions affect the use of these links and do not in any way detract from the other terms of use. Regarding links to external sites that do not belong to the Site (third party sites), the Site and third party sites do not have any legal or trade relations, and the Site does not have any control over or credits for the material found on those sites. The Site is not liable for the content of the material found and/or appearing on third party sites, and the appearance of these links on the Site do not prove in any manner a connection with the operators of the third party sites.
The appearance on the Site of a link to another site does not attest to its reliability, completeness or updatedness, and the Site does not carry any liability in this regard.
In addition, this link must not be seen as an authorization, approval, recommendation, or preference by the Site to the linked sites, the sites' operators and/or documents and/or any other material found on them. The information found on other sites has not been advertised by the Site and might include information that does not conform to the Site's requirements and your personal needs. The Site is not liable for the other sites that are connected directly or indirectly by the links found on the Site.
With detracting from the generality of the above, the Site is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to you or your property as a result of use of the links, or reliance on information and content appearing on the sites which were linked to the Site, and/or use of information and/or content advertised on the Site by third parties.
The Site is entitled to terminate the use of links at any time, for any reason, and without any prior notice. The Site is not liable for any damage caused to the user or to a third party as a direct or indirect result of using the services offered, including damage caused by use of software applications that were directly downloaded through the Site or activated as a result of the use of the Site.

Copyrights, according to the valid laws in Israel and international treaties, belong to the Site. These copyrights include, among others, text, photographs, graphics, sounds, music, voice, video strips, software applications codes and all other material found on the Site (hereinafter: "protected material"). The user is entitled to use the protected material in a "fair" manner that does not contradict legal regulations on this matter, and the user is forbidden from using the protected material for any illegal purposes. According to copyright laws, the user is forbidden from copying, redistributing, selling and/or making any commercial use of and/or retransmitting the material found on the Site.
The Site is entitled to change these terms of use from time to time without any prior notification. The laws of the State of Israel are the only laws pertaining to these terms of use. The sole judicial venue regarding the use and terms of use of the Site is the authorized court in the Jerusalem district.