Blessings for the Torah and Haftarah

The blessings of the Torah are the ones that are said by the person who is called up to the Torah (or is given an Aliya to the Torah). A Bar-Mitzva boy is given an Aliya on either the Monday, Thursday, or Shabbat that is on or right after his birthday. The Torah is read during the Morning Prayer (Tefillat Shacharit). In each Aliya, there is one Blessing that is said before reading the Torah Portion, and one that is said after. Both Blessings are said by the same person.

The Haftorah is a Reading that is taken from the Prophets (Neviim and Ketuvim). The Haftorah is connected in some way to the Torah portion of the particular day. The Haftorah is read only on Shabbat and Holidays. In many communities it is customary for the Bar- Mitzva boy to read the Haftorah or to say the Blessings over the Haftorah in addition to getting an Aliya to the Torah. There are two Blessings, one that is said before and one that is said after the reading of the Haftorah. Both of these Blessings are said by the same person. On Jewish Holidays and special occasions, there is an additional Blessing which is said after the Haftorah.

Each tradition has its different tunes for the blessings. You may choose from the tunes listed on the left side of your screen.